October 29, 2008 (the date of publication in Russian)

Alexander Rublev


Europeans suddenly realized that the USA is ready to use "orange" technologies to ruin the EU

The director-producer of prime-time programs of Irish national TV and Radio RTE Corporation Frank Shouldice contacted the RPMonitor Editorial Board. He got interested in our investigation about the causes of the Lisbon Treaty failure. It was the appropriate moment – the European Parliament President Hans-Gert Poettering, and the leader of the European Greens Daniel Cohn-Bendit, openly suspected U.S. traces in this story.

"The Irish press revealed that there possibly exists a link between the financers of the no-campaign in Ireland and the Pentagon as well as the CIA. This was a very interesting story and the explanation given was that Europe should not become too strong. If proved true, this would clearly show that there are forces in the US willing to pay people to destabilise a strong and autonomous Europe. If this can happen for the Lisbon Treaty vote, it raises grave concerns for interference in next year's European elections," – Cohn-Bendit declared.

Thus Europeans at last became aware of the threat coming from Declan Ganley and the Libertas organization he's heading. In summer the very organization wrecked the Irish referendum and now it's preparing to create pan-European party to dispute the Lisbon Treaty and, obviously, fight against the EU as such.

The very situation became clear for us long ago. On the very next day after the referendum about the Lisbon agreement RPMonitor has not only described the methods of Mr. Ganley reaching his aims in detail, but also gave an exhaustive analysis of his biography, mentioning even those facts, which were unknown to European public.

And now few months later we can establish that our elucidative work wasn't vain. The process began and the interest in questions, like who and how blocks the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in the sight of all 27 member-countries of the respected organization, becomes evident. It would be really oddly to expect that the USA will be happy at the perspectives of the creation of pan-European defense structures, which can compete with NATO.

Now we'll let ourselves rise to the level of summarizing and will draw some conclusions of the situation.

Our European friends have been explaining us for a long time that there's nothing bad in organizations like Belgrade's Otpor, Kiev's Pora, Batumi's Kmara and etc. appearing in one or another country. We were convinced that these structures appeared spontaneously and weren't projected by American secret services. We were let know that obstructing the activities of different non-governmental associations is uncivil and shameful.

Of course Europeans understood perfectly, that in reality the situation is a bit different. But still they, naive as always, supposed that their American partners will not use the very political technologies against the EU. They had infantile attitude to the USA as to an older brother who's holding a huge opened military-political umbrella over their heads.

But now the events, really resembling the Eastern European ones, happened in Ireland, the country with an orange stripe on the flag (what a coincidence!). The transatlantic partner's "umbrella" suddenly fell on the heads of its European mentees.

The political technologies which were used in Kiev for the sake of collapsing SES (Single Economic Space) turned out to be perfect for the dismantling of the EU. And the specialists who work with the very technologies can blame both Moscow and Brussels in "attempts of repressing democracy" and "bureaucratic totalitarianism" without batting an eyelid. And Irish referendum, which buried the Lisbon Treaty, is only the beginning of a great work, which is going to be done by Declan Ganley on the European continent.

But don't think that we're gloating. On the contrary, we compassionate and sympathize sincerely to everyone who suffered from the activity of Libertas – Irish (and now already pan-European) sister of Kmara, Pora and Otpor. The only thing we're hoping for is that once the EU will learn that everything done by the USA for the sake of weakening the Russian Federation can once be used against the EU. And it, unfortunately, refers not only to the sphere of political technologies.

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