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Before being smashed, Gaza was Afghanized

Part 1:


Weak governments, depending on international loans, corporate investments, and pressured from the other side by domestic organized crime, tend to protect themselves from relevant problems and to regain control over political and economic management by means of foreign assistance. According to a recently published research, authored by historian Alexander Ostrovsky, Boris Yeltsin's stake at military force in his conflict with the Russian Parliament in 1993 implied a number of conditions of "favorable investment climate" for Western corporations in exchange for the tacit consent with his anti-constitutional move. At the same time, the aged Boris Yeltsin subsequently fell into stronger dependence from domestic financial groups with a massive shadowy background that later, in 1996, sought to achieve international immunity in exchange for their contribution in the re-election of the President, who then encountered a serious political challenge from the re-established Communist Party.

Israel's Kadima Party was a weak entity since the aged Ariel Sharon became physically unable to run the state. At the same tie, it inherited the shadowy economic dependence of Mr. Sharon's family from a network of dealers, involved in build-up of large-scale gambling business on the Arab territories. According to detailed researches of a number of Western authors, particularly Barry Chamish and Michel Chossudovsky, the whole peace process, coined in Bill Clinton- blessed Oslo Accords, was built on this shadowy construction from the beginning.

Leftist Israeli authors indicate that in fact, the prototype of the wall, separating Jewish and Arab settlements, originated as far back as in 1991, when the Arabic population was restricted in travel and employment in particular areas. This restriction in fact contradicted to the original design of the Jewish state in Palestine than was committed to integrate the Arab population, gaining its support by economic means, as it was well described in Walter Laqueur's fundamental research of the history of Zionism.

The coincidence of the ideological and economic change in Russia and Israel is quite remarkable. One of the major common features of the reform was transition from productive economy to the post-industrial pattern of "entertainment industry". Only in mid-1990s, international researchers raised the issue of an intimate connection of this industry, and especially gambling business, to large-scale "black money" operations.


It is noteworthy that from its very beginning, the assault on Gaza was concentrated on a number of particular objects of infrastructure, namely on the borderline of Gaza Strip and Egypt (the so-called Philadelphian Corridor), and on the fleet based in the port of Gaza. According to the official line of state propaganda, reproduced by major international wires, the special focus of the operation on the border crossing in Rafah was explained with intensive inflow of weapons across the border with Egypt. This version contradicts with the fact that during the year, the border was under a stronger control of Egyptian police, as well as to the poor military potential of the "horrible" Hamas. In case the fabulous underground corridors under the Rafah passage were used predominantly for arms smuggle, this potential would be immense.

Meanwhile, witness reports describe the Rafah passage as a major channel for smuggle of drugs and "live commodity" into and outside of Israel. The fact that the price of opiate drugs, grown in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, increased in hundreds times after penetration into Israel, hasn't been a secret for police officials and experts for decades. The same was true about prostitute trade that sharply increased with the collapse of the USSR and deterioration of the once flourishing provinces like Moldova, becoming an independent state with a most miserable "sovereign" economy.

Victor Rabinovich, a former Soviet physicist residing in Israel, is aware of these two interrelated spheres of shadowy business in details. His wife, Eugenia, originating from an educated but economically desperate family in Moldova, was among those ex-Soviet young ladies that became "inter-girls", as determined in a popular novel of Russian Jewish author Victor Kunin, or just "flesh", as they are called at the point of destination. Mr. Rabinovich got into a conflict with Israeli officials after they refused to adopt Eugenia's child whose father was in jail in Moldova. The stepfather's compassion developed into furious hate towards Israeli bureaucracy and a desire to "expose the whole dirty linen of this disgusting state". The novel entitled "The Temptation" and built upon Eugenia's revelations, includes the description of the Rafah smuggle:

"A person who had never seen a desert cannot imagine how the Israeli-Egyptian border crossing looks like. Some girls were packed into sacks with wool and carried on camels, and these were most unlucky as they nearly got choked... But this party was lucky: none of the girls died or exploded on a mine. They dreamed of a new life. Next day, they were brought to a hotel named "Tangerine", a hub for thousands of prostitutes, sold to rich Jews and Arabs not only for sexual use but also for hard unpaid labor. One could hardly believe that this could take place in a country that calls itself civilized... After a short while, most of the girls already wanted to be sold at last. The trade was going to take place in another hotel, named DanPanorama. The process was supervised by a group if Israeli psychologists who made a file on each of the girls, describing their particular manners, talents of cooking, skills of hygiene, etc. All that would be nice if they were not going to be sold to new owners. Only one of a hundred was lucky to be purchased by a wealthy individual, while the majority was recruited to brothels, strip clubs and peep shows".


This description of the Israeli underground, particularly the close commercial and personal relations between top Jewish and Arab smugglers, strikingly contradicts to the official version of a "suffering" Israel and the "terrorist" Palestine. The same is true for the part of the establishment of both Israel and Palestine, involved in development of the gambling "infrastructure", perfect for large-scale money laundering.

In fact, the Oslo Accords, from the very beginning, suggested development of this business. The "liberated" Palestinian territories, free from Israeli legislation, could be used, particularly, for gambling, which Jewish religious authorities don't permit in Israel. The community VIP clients of gambling business was as international as the bunch of persons involved in the project – particularly, Mohammad Rashid, head of PLO financial authority since Yasser Arafat's time; Omri Sharon, son of ex-Prime Minister, and top European casino owner Martin Schlaff, whose influence in Israel started from personal friendship with the family of Yitzhak Rabin.

VIP entertainment naturally involves VIP relaxation. Not accidentally, the implementation of Oslo Accords was followed with a boom of production of synthetic drugs, mot commonly used by youth. According to a detailed research of Samuel Katz in Money Mag, Israel became the world's capital of XTC already by 2003. In summer 2004, Gonen Segev, former minister and a pediatrician by profession, was detained in Amsterdam with a cargo of pills in his luggage.

Production of synthetic drugs does not require need not primitive agro-industry of Bekaa Valley but advanced chemical facilities. This branch of industry was highly developed in Israel. Major smuggle routes, according to researchers, extended from here primarily to the United States and India.

On January 4, Israel was visited by a delegation from New York, involving Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Rep. Harry Ackermann. In mid-1990s, Ackermann, who has a reputation of a lobbyist of diplomacy along the US-Israel-India "axis", was seen in Zagreb, Croatia, where he endorsed a strategy of a further division of the already disintegrated Yugoslavia. Local journalists were surprised to find out that Ackermann's project suggested separation not only Vojvodina from Serbia but also the Istria Peninsula from Croatia.

The strategy of "separation for the sake of separation" cannot be substantiated in this case by ethnic or other minority rights alone. The history of the last two decades proves that large-scale smuggle is the only winner in the campaign for independence that in fact spawns quasi-states with an unclear legal status.

According to Victor Rabinovich's sources, drug trade across the border of Egypt and the quasi-independent Gaza Strip was controlled for years by the Egypt-originating family of Alperons. Lev Kagan, Israeli correspondent of Moscow business paper Kommersant Daily, reports that one of the Israeli TV channels addressed residents of Tel Aviv in the street, asking them to pronounce only one phrase in live air: "I don't fear Yaakov Alperon", but none of them was brave enough to utter these five words. Rabinovich writes that Don Alperon controlled the Gaza territory "more efficiently than the army".

However, the influential family (another member, Musa Alperon, had a reputation of a major sponsor of Likud Party), was subsequently pressured by Israeli police that entrusted the criminal business to an Arab national, named Hassan, a former police agent, reports Rabinovich. A new campaign against the Alperons started in the last year, and culminated in the assassination of Yaakov Alperon, allegedly by rivals in drug business, and arrest of his elder brother Nissim Alperon that followed three weeks before Israeli crackdown on Gaza.

It is noteworthy that a week before Yaakov Alperon's car blew up in the Yehuda Makkabi Street of Tel Aviv, his close associate, Iraq-born Shoni Gavrieli, was seen together with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

"The police are quite familiar with the Gavrieli name", reported Haaretz on November 13. "Two other brothers in the family, Haim and Aryeh, were convicted in the late 1980s of serious drug offenses and did time in prison. Today Aryeh runs a casino in Prague".

Haaretz's authors also mention Omri Sharon and ex-president Moshe Katsav among Gavrieli's close connections. In St. Petersburg, Russia, Mr. Katsav was seen in 2002 in the company of the top local gambling tycoon Mikhail Mirilashvili who is today in custody.


Curiously, the crackdown upon Gaza, with a special focus on the Egyptian border, was preceded with a series of killings and arrests of top drug traders. Instructions came from the United States, where a massive operation against the Gambino family was unleashed shortly earlier. On the US request, the Israeli police promptly extradited Yitzhak Abergil, the drug boss who had conveniently supervised delivery of XTC to Las Vegas for many years.

Curiously, the drug aspect of Gaza-Egypt smuggle is not discussed in international mass media, though US and Israeli operatives could ostensibly used their recent achievements in extermination of drug bosses for propagandist needs. What is going on?

In his research of shadowy international business of Western intelligence agencies, Manfred von Buelow, a prominent German Social Democrat, described the goal-setting of political plots in Ibero-American state where the CIA, sometimes with direct involvement of Italian, Syrian and Israeli smugglers, imposed brutal military dictatorships that usually introduced a most harsh social policy, plunging their people into misery. The imposed colonial governments traditionally overtook local drug production, refining and trade, concentrating the business in their hands and organizing large-scale traffic through military airports.

In the situation of a global crisis of legal banking and investment institutions, when the US budget strongly requires inflow of money, available in large amounts only from most lucrative shadowy business, a transformation of this kind looks pretty expedient Ц especially regarding loss of efficient control over Ibero-America.

Quite recently, a quasi-independent Kosovo became a recognized independent country with direct Washington blessing Ц and with emergence of a major air force base on the territory much more convenient for deployment of ground forces. Will a similar device be developed on the debris of Khan Yunis or Rafah? In any case, the US side has already acknowledged that it is ready to take control of the border in Rafah, under the condition of necessary presence of Fatkh partners at the border facilities. Is Mr. Hassan going to be killed, or to achieve a rank of a police general?


While the carnage in Gaza goes on, its methods Ц including air assaults on the UN office and the local press center Ц are more and more distinctly taking a shape of a bullyish colonial regime of a Pinochet or Stressner type. On the background of a social disaster, very indicatively resembling the carnage in Afghanistan, pro-war Russian-language Israeli website substantiates the "principle of pleasure" as the major purpose of life Ц naturally, not for the inferior social majority that is going to be used as cannon meat. Curiously, lessons of this philosophy. are given by a prominent teacher of Kabbala. In a discussion of Shmuel Katz's research, a reader from Canada indicates in the community of urban youth, using XTC in luxurious night clubs, the old occult teaching is very fashionable.

This transformation of society, typical for most ruthless colonial empires in human history, spectacularly reflects the style of the newest world order, determined by Lyndon LaRouche as the New Dark Age. The protagonists of this global reform that started from the 1991 demolition of Socialism and degeneration of Zionism, will now teach the nations. They will probably tell the mankind that slavery is a more advanced order than the outdated and self-discredited liberal capitalism. Meanwhile, VIP tourists will be invited to special "flogging tours" to Israel, to experience pleasure from personal torturing of a Hamas member, locked in a cage, after a good bathing under the gentle sun of Eilat. "Increasing pain under perfect lucidity", as Anderson's Lucky Man was explained.

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