January 18, 2009 (the date of publication in Russian)

Maxim Kalashnikov


The US elite is trying to find an excuse for "emergency" – in their own country as well as in the whole world


As history teaches us, the ruling top is usually always ready to commit any crime to save its powers, privileges and gains. An analog of "partocrats" of the late CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) is now governing the USA Ц financial elite, "corporatocratia". It has already privatized the state and has led the USA into the deepest crisis, which is progressing with really amazing speed. Unemployment is growing rapidly; the US financial system is on the border of default and collapse. Corporatocratia has already stolen a part of the money, assigned by the government to help banks according to "Paulson plan". Now it needs to draw people's attention from its own marauding and incompetence. It needs to drive Eurasia into chaos (or in other words "balkanize" it) and justify the increase of the number of the US troops in Afghanistan (Obama's favorite trick) to go on living. The necessity of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev and the gas crisis in Europe aren't excluded either, as euro should also be weakened.

"The new September 11" has become a real keynote or "idea fix" of the US political elite. Actually we can figure out a new social law: terrorist acts in the USA can only happen when the Lords of America need to draw the attention of the whole world from the crisis and reformate the world order after getting a pretext for a new war.

This all makes us draw parallels with the history of the Third Reich, when every further burst of violence began after similar events, whether it was the Reichstag arson or staged "Poles attack over Gliwice", which actually became the cause of WW2.

During the last press-conference G.W. Bush said new terrorist act was the most actual threat for his successor. The situation reminds an anecdotal occasion with one of American fire brigade, the charter of which in 1970s prohibited firemen drinking alcohol 2 hours…. before the fire starts. But in big politics it is not funny, but scary.

Nevertheless on December 2, 2008 the two-party commission created by the Congress proclaimed the unavoidability of "the new September 11" Ц even before G.W. Bush. It had prepared a report about terrorist threat which impends over the USA: during the period till 2013 the USA will be threatened by a terrorist act with the using of weapons of mass destruction (nuclear or biological). The commission, which was created on May 2008, is headed by ex-senators Bob Graham and Jim Talent. They recommend new US administration to prepare to biological terrorist act actively and make one of National Security Council members the head of intelligence and diplomatic work in questions of non-proliferation of WMD. As the authors of the report suppose, terrorist bands still don't have enough technical and scientific abilities to create chemical or biological weapon, but this backwardness is easy to overcome if terrorists find allies among scientists. At the same time biological attack is far more possible than nuclear one. And according to inspector Graham, the most possible biological weapon is anthrax spores. Plus some time before we became aware that Pentagon plans the deployment of 20-thousand-strong military contingent on the U.S. territory in the nearest future, which will be oriented to withstand possible terrorist acts with the using of WMD.

Well also remind, that already on October 19, 2008 senator Joseph Biden (that time he was a vice-presidential candidate, Barack Obama's running mate) announced sensational revelations. In his speech in a narrow circle of election funds collectors and representatives of Democratic party he proclaimed that during the first six months of Obama's governing the President will have to face serious foreign-policy trials, which can only be compared with those, which happened during John Kennedy's government in 1961-1962. It would be one of the sharpest world crises, when Obama, as Biden said, would have to take tough, and possibly unpopular, decisions both in foreign and domestic policies.


Three months passed since that and we may ascertain: Biden turned out to be almost a prophet. The gas crisis "Russian Federation Ц Ukraine Ц Europe" had already burst out, Pakistan is almost exploding, and Gaza is attacked. Local "hot spots" begin to "warm up" Ц for example, in Ceylon.

It seems like Biden knew what he was talking about? As he has predicted mega-crisis before the events described above!

And even before that there was a whole pile of prophecies from high standing US politicians and officials about the unavoidability of the "second September 11", beginning form 2002 and till now.

However, our "prophets" still haven't made up their minds about one point. It seems they haven't yet came to common decision: whether it will be biological or nuclear terrorist attack? Like they haven't yet worked this out completely.

"PR-propagandistic" character of forthcoming mega terrorist act is obvious. Especially this is pointed out by a statement of ex-senator about the using of anthrax spores Ц as well as in the end of 2001, when envelopes filled with it were sent to some Congress members by mail. Already that time experts could only laugh about the occasion: that's "pure Hollywood", meant to frighten morons from Arkansas backwoods. There are much more dangerous viruses (like smallpox and plague), which can initiate pandemia. Also viruses could be packed as aerosols, so they could be sprayed in subway stations, international airports and huge trading centers of the USA. Spread that way, the biological attack could affect millions of people in a few days. And sending anthrax spores is just for show, only to scare, but not to strike seriously.


In the context of all what was said above a question appears: how is Obama going to develop the US special services? There are different opinions about that. Some say Obama wants to begin a new reorganization, which will include the disclosure of special services' unlawful actions during Bush's "war against terrorism" and putting an end to totalitarianism, tortures and "offshore" prison-camps. And also to the practice of using private structures in catching and interrogating people suspected in terrorism under torture (Naomi Klein lets know about G.W. Bush's administration's practice of giving private contracts to capture and torture suspects in her book "The Shock Doctrine". She is the one to say that private intelligence structures used to work by a contract with Boeing Co., which gave planes as flying "interrogation centers" and means of transport for captives, to carry them to the net of prisons). They say it like new US President is going to rebuilt and democratize special services of the country.

Other say Obama wants to prevent needless information leakages from the CIA and "clean up" folders with discrediting evidences about the US officials and oligarchs.

Third believe Obama decided to strengthen the CIA, as during the government of G.W. Bush military men said the agency had become incapable. For example, Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense in 2001, went mad when he knew the CIA wasn't able to point aims to strike over the territory of Afghanistan, and created a new structure Ц the Department of counter-intelligence field activity. By the way, it willingly proposed collaboration to private contractor-firms and in the essence turned into clan-corporative special service.

But all this theories can be easily ruined to dust if to look who personally got the governing posts in the US special services. And we can find out that Obama assigned total dilettantes to the leading posts of the US intelligence community. As it would be said in the former USSR Ц "apparatchiks", or pure party bureaucrats. Some kind of guaranties that the US special services will be easy to control and will not do anything, that could disturb the US financial elite, which now plays the part of late CPSU.

Dennis Blair, a retired admiral, has become the Director of National intelligence Ц a top structure, which formally units all the intelligence services of the country, some kind of analog of Information Committee headed by Vyacheslav Molotov. It was created under the Council of Ministers of the USSR on May 30, 1947 Ц and showed its total inefficiency (so soon it was abolished). It's principal, that admiral Blair has absolutely no intelligence or counter-intelligence experience.

And even more it concerns the new head of the CIA. Bureaucrat Leon Panetta, ex White House Chief of Staff during Clinton's period of governing, is absolute dilettante in the business he's now responsible for.

But why offer such posts to dilettantes? Answering this question, we'll let ourselves suppose that the US financial elite is preparing "the new September 11" for the country and the establishment of national emergency. And this time private and clan-corporative structures will work, while state special services will have "to be blind" and anyway not to rush for the sake of saving Motherland in a wrong moment. That's why pure "commissioners" and "bureaucrats" are put to head state secret agencies.


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