January 24, 2009 (the date of publication in Russian)

Maxim Kalashnikov


The US troops which suppress street disorders in Iraq are now preparing to do that in their native country


"Non-mainstream" US mass media sound the alarm more and more. The distribution of huge state investments to banks is cloaked in mystery. As Peter Dale Scott says, the money, assigned by the state to help banks according to "Paulson plan", in reality go as payments of fantastic salaries for highest managers of the financial sector, as bonuses for them and as dividends to private shareholders (Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and War by Prof. Peter Dale Scott – see here).

In the essence this "costs", which make up $40 billion of all 700-billion block according to some sources, is an elementary plunder of the USA by the very financial elite.

Let us remind, that the administration of Bush Junior "pushed" this assigns through by blackmailing the Congress with the probability of the bankruptcy of state financial system, the danger of mass riots and forced establishment of martial law in the USA. Senators James Inhofe and Brad Sherman announced that. And now the money is classically "sawn up". Charles Schumer, a senator-democrat from New-York, proclaimed that public money can be invested more usefully than being paid as dividends to shareholders. But Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, ex Goldman Sachs CEO, tries to hide the details of his TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) plan realization. As well as the Federal Reserve System refuses to provide information about the help they give to banks by means of credits guaranteed by the state. And more, public intimidation by the establishment of the state of emergency goes on.


In general, the picture is classic: using bureaucratic secret and blowing up hysteria, the US elite is robbing its own country not worse than Russian elite did it with the RF in the period of Yeltsin government in the beginning of 1990s. So we can assume that the Great Criminal Revolution successfully moved from post-soviet Russian Federation to the USA. However, Russians aren't guilty in that. That is only a naturally determined evolution of the policy of liberal-monetarist reforms, which began in 1981 in the USA and in 1991 in the RF. Their essence lies in total liberation of capitalism and corporations from any state or public control in the beginning, and then Ц the freedom of bank interest and prices, the freedom for unchecked movement of money and the freedom for speculations. And then Ц the degradation of the country and the death of industry, the kingdom of funds transfers to financial top. And at the end Ц the privatization of the very state, the creation of private armies. And finally Ц formation of corrupted police state, establishment of a dictatorship in Pinochet or Argentine junta in 1976-1983 style.

This "stairway of evolution" was drawn by Naomi Klein in her book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" (2007). And as for now her forecast is realizing successfully.

To prolong stealing and wild robbery, Yeltsin's regime had arranged a bloody bathhouse in 1993 in Moscow. That time machinegun fire helped to conceal the facts of barbaric corruption. So won't present bacchanal of stealing public funds in the USA end up with something alike? Like martial law and war will write everything off?

As Peter D. Scott proves, since 1980s the financial ultraliberal elite (or, in other words, "corporatocratia") of the USA has been logically creating a normative base to turn the army from a protector of the USA into a power, which can control the society, provide national security in emergency cases and suppress people's will. And more, the authors of this "special order" of using US military forces are the same people, who lobbied for giving the functions of state to private structures.

And something seems to be preparing. For example, on September 2008 the 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team moved from Iraq to the USA. During the occupation this brigade got 35-months experience of restraining mass disorders, street fights, reconstruction of life support systems and escorting goods convoys for its supply. And now the brigade is tasked to obey the US North Headquarters, acting as quick reaction forces for terrorist attacks and states of emergency, both natural and "manmade". Civil disorders are included in the list of "manmade" emergency cases.

So won't we see a stage of siege, established in the USA for many years? As while the US economy is falling down more and more. That's the right time for dictatorship.

The dictatorship of large-scale financial capital.


The suppositions that it was the ruling financial elite who pushed the country into the crisis on purpose grow stronger. Obviously it has consciously decided to steal public funds in the beginning, and to the establishment of dictatorship later.

There are indirect evidences for that.

The building of now collapsed speculative-financial pyramid in the USA began its intensive development after the adoption of Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act (FSMA) in 1999. Jim Lich, a republican senator, was one of its creators. And now he's Obama's advisor in questions of anti-crisis policy. By the way, Obama hasn't said anything on interesting topic: whether hedge funds (one of the main instruments of financial speculations) will remain or be prohibited? And what about speculative operations with derivatives? FSMA abolished Roosevelt Glass-Steagall Act (1933), aimed against corruption, speculation and using of insider's information in stock market. The main Glass-Steagall principle was cancelled: strict division of investment and commercial banks, which was to save investors' money from burning in speculative "bubbles".

FSMA gave the control over the US financial infrastructure (insurance companies, pension funds and etc.) to the hands of Wall Street financial conglomerates and their hedge funds. (A similar process is now taking place in the Russian Federation: the control over many kinds of activity is given from government to "self-regulating" organizations, which are based on the very private capital) This act actually denied any limits for speculations and became fundamental for the creation of global "financial casino".

Thus, the elite of the leader of capitalistic world Ц the USA Ц has decided to launch a mechanism of horrible machinations and speculations just to make profits.

But didn't they understand that this pyramid would collapse? Most probably Ц yes, they did. As even a bit of common sense is enough to come to this conclusion. It means they did it all absolutely consciously. They turned on "flimflam lottery" to get trillions of dollars by cheating with gullible people.

The second point. What has become a trigger for the collapse in 2008? The bankruptcy of Lehmam Brothers investment bank, which, for some reason, wasn't saved by the state. Though it would cost 10 times less than the following $700-billion Paulson plan. Does this mean that financial September 11 (September 15, 2008) was made for purpose Ц to catch the USA on its top and get $700 billion to steal under the very pretence?

The third point. Eliot Spitzer, ex Governor of New York, announced in the interview that the policy of "predatory lending" will lead to a catastrophe and will ruin welfare of millions of Americans. He said it was essential to accept laws about people's protection, about preventing the catastrophe. (Eliot Spitzer, "Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime: How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers", The Washington Post, February 14, 2008; A25, (see here). And in November 2007 Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo, New York State Attorney General, published a letter about the necessity of putting an end to so-called subprime lending (see here).

And what? In spring of 2008 Spitzer was crushed when someone gave press a discrediting evidence of his connections with a prostitute. You see Ц the main US and world mass media poked into Spitzer's dirty linen but didn't pay attention to the problem he was talking about, which actually led to the collapse of global financial market in September of 2008. As the result the US top has already "milked" $700 billion of "help" from the state Ц and will milk not less than $800 billion more from Obama according to the economic stimulus plan.

As we have said already, these measures will not prevent the US economy from the collapse. The US budget deficit in 2009 will overcome a trillion dollars, exceeding the WW2 record. The USA is already on the verge of a default in supplying state debt, which has already exceeded $11 trillion. Obama's parody for Roosevelt's New Deal is condemned to a fiasco.

And what can the elite do? It can organize the second "September 11" with huge amount of victims among ordinary Americans (but not among the very financial aristocracy!), unleash another "useful" war Ц and establish a dictatorship in the USA. And never pay state debts…


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